We are Silvanus Health, Inc. a leading Christian Lifestyle Advisory group. We specialize in the design and deployment of customized Christ centric strategies for both individual Christians and Christian owned businesses who are seeking advanced paradigms and best practices designed to strengthen their individual and business spiritual health. Our policy on personal health is simple. Provide our clients strategies on how to achieve the healthiest mind, body and spirit for them using our proprietary Silvanus Health New Life Body Balance Program© The Silvanus Body Balance Blueprint© was conceived by our founder Paul Boggs to give Christians who are currently struggling physically, mentally and spiritually Christ centric tools to make measurable changes in both their personal and business life. Try our 30 day Silvanus Health New Life Body Balance program and see your mind, body and spirit transform before your eyes. Please take a closer look at what our organization is doing for our Christian American majority and all that we have to offer you. God Bless!

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